Mike Parrett, one of the UK’s leading Building Pathologists, co-author of the RICS Books’ best seller Diagnosing Damp and featured expert on BBC’s Raising the Roof series, presents a unique "award winning" training resource on DVD. Mike Parrett’s guide to Building Pathology is crammed with case studies, anecdotes and a vast store of information on the pathology of buildings – why they fail, how to diagnose the problem and what remedial measures can be put in place.

The six programme topics in the set deal with a wide variety of buildings, from historic castles, Venetian and Chang Dynasty buildings to current housing stock, in the UK, US and Scandinavia. It is a mine of information for anyone searching for the truth about building surveying, home inspection, construction and maintenance.

  From the roof to the drains
  Modern & period properties
  Insight from a damp expert’s perspective
  Avoiding common mistakes and misconceptions
  Best practice in diagnosis and remediation
  Specifying top quality contractual work
  Diagnostic techniques to detect the root cause of a problem not a symptom
  Chemical analysis, calcium carbide and gravimetric testing
  The hidden world of chimneys
  Beating the "cowboys"
  Legal issues – giving evidence
  And much, much more
A Limelite Media Production in association
with Mike Parrett www.dampbuster.com
Building failure needs to be looked at holistically. Dampness, in particular, is poorly understood and widely misdiagnosed. The prevalent tendency is to stop the investigation at the symptom and not get to the underlying cause. This series directly addresses gaps in common knowledge and provides not only many examples of best practice but also of a host of common mistakes that mar building construction, maintenance and renovation.

No-one involved in the design, construction, surveying, inspection or maintenance of buildings can afford to be without it!

  Housing Associations
  Home Inspectors
  Local Authorities
  Anyone with a vested interest in buildings