IMBM Presidents Award 2006 (Institute of Maintenance and Building Management). Mike Parrett and Series Producer, Anthony Levene receiving their award from Steve Dunford FIMBM, IMBM President
Winner: Limelite Media.
Entry: Mike Parrett's guide to Building Pathology DVD Series.
Judges Citation: Given for an exceptional contribution to the future sustainability of the Building Maintenance Industry.

Peer Review

…Many of the topic areas are based on case studies Mike has encountered; the emphasis is to demonstrate a hands-on holistic approach…

…Mike’s experience and expertise is clearly demonstrated with finely tuned observations and comprehensive explanations of the major defects, their consequences, potential misdiagnosis and appropriate methods of investigation and remedial work. The result is a well-produced, holistic and measured guide to Building Pathology.

…The range of property types and periods of construction are dispersed throughout the box set and there is a competent thought process behind each of the case studies which allows for an adequate demonstration of the typical types of defects a UK-based surveyor would encounter.

…As a guide, the set accomplishes its remit well.

…Overall Mike Parrett’s guide to Building Pathology is a good investment for the larger practice or property organisation and a valuable training resource for the graduate surveyor.

Journal of Building Appraisal
Palgrave Macmillan
Malcolm Hollis, Managing Editor
J Build Apprais 2: 264-265; doi:10.1057/palgrave.jba.2950046

Professional Testimonials

…Wonderful and extremely well produced… I was shocked to learn that architects can specify some of the case studies shown in the series.
David Rundle, Chief Executive, BYL Group

…It presents things in a very accessible manner… exactly what the industry needs is a good dose of Mike Parrett… it will help raise standards and aspirations in the conservation and rebuild fields.
Douglas Kent, Technical Secretary, SPAB

…The depth of the knowledge it took to create the Building Pathology Series is apparent as soon as the first disk is opened. Whether the inspector is a novice or a seasoned veteran, there is a wealth of information right from the start… Many of us view our experiences as unique. What Building Pathology teaches us however, is that moisture problems occur the world over.
Frank Lesh, President, American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

…A very, very professional approach to helping future surveyors.
Keith Harris, Past President, IMBM

…Very impressive.
Mike Tutton, Vice Chairman, SPAB

…A great benefit to our industry.
Claire Johnson, Press Officer, BDMA

…All the aspects covered in the DVD really demonstrate some of the problems we have to address in this industry
Bob Craig, Master of the Worshipful Company of Constructors

…A fabulous learning experience… as a surveyor it’s going to be an essential tool for me
Rob Clarke, London Borough of Lewisham Property & Investigation Department

…Very informative… Mike Parrett illuminates how there are other methods of investigation, more thorough and more reliable.
Carl Thompson, Lawyer

About Mike

…Without the empirical findings of Mike Parrett gained over many years we would not have had the confidence to make the programme as hard hitting as it was. This is the best programme I have ever made.
Ben Hamilton , BBC Producer - Raising the roof

…In all matters that I have dealt with Mr Parrett I have found him to be highly professional in his attitude, outlook and conduct.
David P Connolly FRICs FCIArb MEWI

…I have had the opportunity on many occasions to be assisted by Mr Parrett as an expert witness for the London Borough of Lewisham and, with increasing frequency, as a single joint expert for both parties to litigation, as an independent consultant. May I say that he has acted with the utmost professionalism on each occasion, and with an objectivity of which his contemporaries should be jealous.
Stephen Evans, MA (Cantab), Barrister, Chambers of Lord Gifford QC, Eight King’s Bench Walk

About Mike’s Book

…The most noticeable thing about this book is that it is written by authors who know what they are writing about, people with extensive experience of real-life, practical dampness diagnosis, together with real knowledge of the meaning of the results obtained…This book is strongly recommended for everyone with a need or desire to know more about the building.
Dr Barry White, Recovery, British Damage Management Association

…The inclusion of a four-stage approach to damp diagnosis, case studies and legal framework is also extremely useful and detailed….any surveyor who is in a position to comment on damp problems would benefit from reading this detailed textbook…the real-world nature of these case studies give me great confidence in the whole text book and I would recommend it to any surveyor who should know about damp problems.
Martin S Beck, MRICS, Focus, West Midlands, RICS

…He has brought this experience to effective focus with the recently published, and much needed book ‘Diagnosing damp’ a publication that should be required reading by all building and valuation surveying students and practioners. I do not hesitate to recommend Michael to clients where his expertise can be used and as a senior partner in one of the larger Chartered Building Surveying Practices that is not something I do lightly.
Michael Taylor, FRICS, Tuffin Ferraby Taylor